The 3rd Visit to Nawa Kerti Village Karangasem

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Today, on Friday September 3, 2010, we, together with some friends, Pak Ngurah Awan, Wisna, Pak Agung, Ibu Dawn, and Mrs. Mary have another opportunity to visit Nawa Kerti village Abang Karangasem. This is our third visit to this village. Accompanied by the village’s head, we visited 3 poor families, such as the family of: 1) Bapak Wayan Lonjong and his wife Nengah Guci who live with his 6 children and two daughters in law, 2) Bapak Nengah Langkir and his wife, 3) Nengah Langkir, 4) Bapak Nyoman Kari and his wife Ketut Mudri.

Wayan Lonjong’s Family
Outside the House
Outside the House
Nengah Langkir’s House
Bapak Nengah Langkir
Nyoman Kari and Wife
Nyoman Kari’s Children
Outside the House

From our observation on the field, we suggest the village’s head to find a solution to give briefing to parents and school-aged children, so that parents will send their children to school and the children have good images about school so that they want to go to school.

On this visit, we would like to thank Pak Ngurah Awan, Wisna, Pak Agung, Ibu Dawn, and Mrs. Mary as well as the permanent volunteers and donors of BCC.

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