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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The 3rd Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

On March, 3, 2011, we visited Pengotan Village Bangli again. On this occasion, we visited 5 poor families receiving cows donation. This visit was also intended for verification. This is important thing to do to ensure that the donation was given to those who need it. On this visit we are accompanied by the head of Pengotan Village Bapak Wayan Arsana and the head of Dusun Sunting Bapak Wayan Yarsa.

5 poor families we had visited include the family of 1) Bapak Wayan Rawa and Ni Wayan Tarma 2) Bapak Nyoman Dadi and Ni Wayan Suri 3) Bapak Wayan Mudarta and Ni Wayan Parti 4) Bapak Wayan Rantin and Ni Nengah Masih 5) Bapak Wayan Tarnya and Ni Wayan Damuh.

The 5 poor families were domiciled in the region of Dusun Sunting, mostly they were working as farmers and basket/woven bamboo craftsmen. We have found that those 5 poor families had received cow donation, here are the documentation we had taken.

With Head of The Village
Rawa & Cow Donation
Dadi & Cow Donation
Ni Wayan Suri
Ni Wayan Parti
Woven Bamboo
Cow Donation
Wayan Rantin’s House
Rantin & Cow Donation
Wayan Rantin’s Family
Wayan Tarnya’s House
Bapak Wayan Tarnya
Cow Donation

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