The 4th Visit to Pengotan Village Bangli

As usual, every Friday in the beginning of the month, in which on this occasion was held on April 1, 2011, we, together with Wisna and Ibu Dawn visited Pengotan village Bangli. Accompanied directly by the head of Pengotan Village, Bapak Wayan Arsana, we visited 5 poor families who had received BCC’s cows donation, to be verified.

The 5 visited poor families were the family of: 1) Men Kramen 2) Bapak Wayan Molog also known as Nang Grudug and his wife Men Mudar 3) Bapak Nyoman Simpen and Ni Wayan Rumini 4) Bapak Nengah Riwin and Ni Wayan Tomi 5) Bapak Ketut Purun and Ni Nyoman Pasti. The family of Ketut Purun was one of the families receiving “the house renovation program” from government.

Men Kramen’s Family
Men Kramen’s Family
Cow Donation
Wayan Molog’s Family
Cow Donation
Nym. Simpen’s Family
Cow Donation
Nengah Riwin’s Family
Woven Bamboo
Cow Donation
Ketut Purun’s House
Government’s Donation
Cow Donation

All those 5 poor families were domiciled in the region of Dusun Padpadan, mostly they live as farmer/farm worker/bamboo worker and construction worker/casual worker. The 5 poor families had received cows donation.

For this visit, we would like to thank all friends; Mita, Rhey, Wintya, Dian, Tia, Yanti, Ibu Dawn, Wisna and all the permanent volunteers and donors of BCC for their continuous support.

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