Visiting Evacuation Camp of Mount Agung in Karangasem with YOT Bali

On December 24th, 2017 we took the donors from YOT Bali around to distribute the goods to the evacuees of Mount Agung;

UPT Pertanian Komplek BD Besakih Kawan Evacuation Camps
Address: Br. Dinas Singarata, Desa Rendang, Kecamatan Rendang, Karangasem
Number of evacuees: 455 people
Goods that has been distributed: 300 set of cutlery, 10 kgs of long beans, 10 crates of eggs, 17 kgs of jipang (vegetable), 20 kgs of cauliflower, 2 box of biscuit, 2 box of energen, 5 box of bread.
C/P: I Wayan Yadnya (0852-3704-1582)



During the visit, the donors were showed around by BCC volunteer for Rendang Karangasem : Putu Gede Asnawa Dikta (0822-3709-7150) dan Nengah Sueca (0856-3863-077).

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