Wayan Kubuk – a poor elderly man in the village of Takmung in Klungkung Regency

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Date of Visit: 5 June 2014

Name: I Wayan Kubuk (male / 73)

Profession:  no longer able to work

Address: Banjar Losan, Village of Takmung, Sub-District of Banjarangkan, Regency of  Klungkung

Wife’s Name: Ni Nyoman Resneng (female / 70)

Profession: rice farmer

Telephone number through which they can be contacted: 08124635362 (Ni Made Sriwati; daughter-in-law of a sibling)

Village Official for Contact : Ketut Astrana, Banjar Chief in the Village Takmung, 081916151388

Information:  a poor elderly man

Update on October 17th, 2017; we received an information that Wayan Kubuk is passed away.


I Wayan Kubuk lives with his wife Ni Nyoman Resneng. They have three daughters, all of whom are married.  Wayan Kubuk’s health is of great concern; he is blind, deaf and unable to walk.

The condition of the house:  the floor is made of cement tiles. The house is an older style dwelling however it is still quite liveable.

Source of income:  Wayan Kubuk can no longer work.  His wife, Nyoman Resneng, works as a rice farmer and makes 300,000 Rupiah at each harvest, that is, every 3 months.  To make additional money, she works as a farm labourer.

You can support this family either by directly providing their basic daily necessities (rice, sugar, oil, clothing, etc.) or by providing money for them to buy their daily necessities.

Below please find some additional information.

Wayan Kubuk
Wayan Kubuk
Tempat Tidur Wayan Kubuk
Wayan Kubuk Bed
Tempat Tidur Istri
Wife Bed

Address: Banjar Losan, Village of Takmung, Sub-District of Banjarangkan, Regency of Klungkung
Coordinates: 8°33’24.2″S 115°23’16.9″E (View on Google Maps)

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