Wayan Merti, an elderly living alone in Dusun Abian Tiying Kelod, Desa Jungutan, Bebandem, Karangasem

Date of visit: 10 December 2018

Name: Ni Wayan Merti (Female/67 years old), suffering from goiter

Occupation: tamas (ceremony attribute) maker

Address: Dusun Abian Tiying Kelod, Desa Jungutan, Bebandem, Karangasem

Contact Person: 0852-3840-0091 – BCC’s volunteer Karangasem Area; I Wayan Sudarsana

Category: elderly living alone

Account number: Bank BRI Unit Bebandem, No.: 4608-01-014791-53-2, Beneficiary: Ni Wayan Merti

Regular Donor:

  1. Mahawira Mandiri, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting March 2019
  2. Resza Sebastian & Dea Sudharsana, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting September 2019
  3. Please kindly contact us should you wish to become a regular donor for Wayan Merti.

Update on 10 December 2018; Wayan Merti has received a donation of bed and pillow.

Update on May 10th, 2019; Wayan Merti received housing assistance from BCC donor U Paasha Seminyak Bali.

Update on November 25, 2021; please see at the bottom of this page.


Ni Wayan Merti married once but she has divorced a long time ago (about 30 years ago). They didn’t have any child. She lives alone now. Ni Wayan Merti suffering from goiter, she feels the pain when she eats.

Source of Income:

  • Ni Wayan Merti works as tamas maker. In a day, she could sell Rp 20.000 worth of tamas. She earns a net income of Rp 10.000 per day after the deduction to buy materials (normally the materials cost Rp 10.000).
  • During the rice harvesting season, she looks for the leftover rice grain in the rice field so she has a food to eat. 
  • In order to gain extra income, she is taking care of 1 pig. 
  • Ni Wayan Merti doesn’t received the rice for the poor program from the government.

House Condition:

  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed base: 1
  • Bed: none
  • Bed and kitchen in the same place
  • No floor (soil)
  • Wall from bamboo woven
  • Asbestos roof
  • No electricity
  • Water access available; access from neighbor house
  • Land status: her sibling owns the land

Should you wish to help Ni Wayan Merti please kindly donate:

  • Bed and Pillow
  • Groceries or fund to buy daily groceries
  • Donation of a pig / piglet
  • Aid to build a simple house
  • Aid to gain electricity access

Below are the photos that we have taken during our visit:

Inside the house
Inside the house

Address: Dusun Abian Tiying Kelod, Desa Jungutan, Bebandem, Karangasem
Coordinates: 8°25’52.2″S 115°31’48.5″E (View on Google Maps)

Update on November 25, 2021

On November 25, 2021, we visited Wayan Merti at her house. Her condition is still the same, nothing has changed.

Here’s some documentation.



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