Wayan Wage, Poor Elderly at Br. Tiying Seka, Desa Bebandem, Karangasem

Visit: May 22, 2018

Name: Ni Wayan Wage (F / 63 years)

Job: Munuh / collecting the remains of rice or beans after harvest, odd jobs

Address: Br. Tiying Seka, Bebandem Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency

Contact phone number:

  • I Wayan Sudarsana (0852-3840-0091); Volunteer BCC in Karangasem
  • Made Suardita (0813-3864-9998); Head of Dusun Tiying Seka

Category: poor elderly alone

Bank Account: Bank BPD Bali, No. 022 02.02.47338-1, Beneficiary: Ni Wayan Wage

Regular donors:

  1. Rani Family, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting May 2019
  2. Please contact us if you want to be a regular donor for you.

Update on June 30th, 2018; Wayan Wage received housing assistance from BCC donor.

Update on July 20th 2018; Wayan Wage received mattress and pillow donation.


Ni Wayan Wage once married, but divorced, they have 4 children; 3 sons and 1 daughter, all her children live with her ex-husband in Tabanan. Wayan Wage lives alone in the middle of the snack fruit garden.

Source of income:

  • During the rice or beans harvest season she is working to find the remains of rice or beans in the fields after being harvested. This work can only be done during the harvest season, if it is not harvest season – she takes odd jobs.
  • As an odd worker she gets a wage of Rp. 10,000 – 40,000 per day depending on the type of work. Within 1 month she can work as much as 10 days.
  • She has not received rice-for-the-poor aid (Raskin) from the government.

Home conditions: quite poor

  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of cots / bed: no cot, sleep on the floor
  • Number of mattresses: no mattress, sleeping on tarpaulin covered with sarong
  • The floor of the ground is covered with plastic mats and tarps
  • Walls from used tarps and asbestos
  • Roof from asbestos
  • No electricity
  • No water, walk on foot for water in the shower about 6 km
  • Land status: as a cultivator

Your help to Ni Wayan Wage can be:

  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Staples or financial aid to buy the necessities of daily living
  • Funding for simple home construction
  • Radio aid, flashlight, lamp and stock battery

Here are some photos we took.

Back of the house
Back of the house
Inside the house
Inside the house

Address: Br. Tiying Seka, Bebandem Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency
Coordinates: 8°25’16.7″S 115°32’39.8″E (View on Google Maps)

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