Children Health Check II in Br. Putung, ds, Duda Timur, Selat Karangasem

On July 29th, 2017 Bali Caring Community (BCC), Benjamin Foundation Bali, and Widhya Asih Foundation held a Social Service of Child Health Check II at Br. Putung, Duda Timur Village, Selat District, Karangasem Regency.


The Children Health Check II was held to follow up the findings on the Health Check I that had been done on July 15, 2017, the follow up action was done to 23 children who have poor ear condition. This Health Check was done in the environment of SDN4 Duda Timur, Selat, Karangasem.

On the occasion were present:

  1. Principal of SDN4 Duda Timur; I Made Eka Meidiyasa and the teachers
  2. Bendesa Adat; I Made Puja Supartika
  3. Benjamin Foundation Bali; Mrs. Lenny, Gufron Hidayat
  4. Yayasan Widhya Asih; Gede Wahyu, Komang Ayu Suartini, Eka Setiyani, Christine
  5. Representative of Good Way Hotel Bali; Susanto, Feby
  6. BCC Volunteers; Ni Luh Kusmirayanti, Ayunda Putri Wardani, Ketut Ciptayanti
  7. Children participants; 23 children

Here are some of the documentation we took.

After that we visited Ni Kadek Widyawati; Poor families in Br. Putung, Desa Duda Timur, Selat, Karangasem. On that occasion we handed over the assistance of Maviba Villas & Resorts in the form of 1 mattress & 1 pillow. We also deliver cash assistance Rp. 250,000 to her from Mr. I Ketut Putra.

Here is the handover documentation.



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