Gede Surita, Poor Family in Br. Sinalud, Kayu Putih Village, Sukasada, Buleleng

Category: Buleleng, Poor Family

Visit Date: June 28th 2018

Name: Gede Surita (Male/34 years old)

Occupation: Farmer

Address: Br. Sinalud, Kayu Putih Village, Sukasada Su-District, Buleleng District

Name of his Wife: Luh Kembarini (Female/30 years old)

Occupation: Farmer

Contact Person / Phone No:

  • 0819-1635-8405, him self
  • 0812-4652-1618, Mrs Rohana, Local BCC Contact Person.

Category: Poor Family

If you are willing to be a fixed donor for him, we will arrange to make a Bank Account under his name, so that you may help him directly

Regular Donors:

  1. Please contact us if you are willing to be his fixed donors


Gede Surita and his wife have two of children;

  1. Putu Anggreni Asih (Female/9 years old/Elementary School grade IV)
  2. Made Mas Adi Pranata (Male/2 years old)

The distance School of his daughter is about 2.5 km from his house, so she goes to school by joining his neighbour’s friend who has motor cycle.

Source if Income:

  • Gede Surita and his wife are working as farmer of clove, in good weather -harvest one completed year, but no harvest if in bad weather like in the last. In their harvest they can get IDR 3,000,000 / year for both of them.
  • In addition to get more income they take-care two of caws 
  • They don’t receive any rice from government (Kind of government program).

Cost of Living:

  • Cost of School is free of charge. But they pay for uniform and book every year , or as needed
  • Pocket money for School is IDR 2,000-3,000 / day
  • House Condition: The Location of their house in the hill, need to walk for 15 minutes.
  • Two of rooms 
  • Two of beds 
  • Two of mattress
  • The floor is just plain of land 
  • The wall is made from woven bamboo covered by traces of linen 
  • The roof made from zinc
  • Electricity is available 
  • Water is not available , so they have to walk about 2 km to get water from wellsprings 
  • Status of Land: Belong on them

Kind of donation for this family can be:

  • Groceries or some funds for daily needs
  • A fund for their daughter, cost of study / pocket money 
  • Some equipment for study such bag, shoes, book, and stationary 
  • A help cattle caws/pigs
  • A fund to build a simple house 

The following were some photos were we took.

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