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Ida Bagus Kompiang Merta, an underprivileged Family in Peninjoan Village, Tembuku, Bangli Regency

Visited: 5 Mei 2017

Name: Ida Bagus Kompiang Merta (M/38 Yo)

Occupation: Handyman

Address: Br. Dinas Kebon Kangin, Peninjoan village, Tembuku sub-district, Bangli regency

Wife: Ni Nyoman Fitrianti (F/34 yo)

Occupation: Handywoman

Contact numbers:

  • 0812-3842-2293, Ida Bagus Kompiang Merta.
  • 0821-4592-8299, Head of Dusun Kebon Kaja; Mr. Wayan Susila

Category: underprivileged family

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 8006-01-002669-53-9, Beneficiary: Ida Bagus Kompiang Merta

Regular Donor:

  1. A.A.Istri Mirah Wirawati, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting July 2017
  2. Please contact us if you would like to be a regular sponsor


Ida Bagus Kompiang Merta and wife has 3 children :

  1. Child I;M/13 yo/elementary school has mental retard growth
  2. Child II; F/11 yo/ 4th year elementary school
  3. Child III; M/10 yo/3rd year elementary school

Source of income:

  • IB Kompiang Merta works as handyman such as carrying wood log, bamboo etc with payment Rp. 70.000 per day, in a month he will be lucky to get 10-15 jobs.
  • His wife is also works as a handywomen labour with payment Rp. 25.000 per day, she average gets 5-10 jobs a month.

Living expenses:

  • School fee is free, only has to buy uniform , shoes and books sometimes.
  • Pocket money for the children: Rp. 2.000 per child per day

Home Condition: 

  • Bed rooms: 1
  • Beds: 1
  • Mattress: 1
  • Floor: cement
  • Wall: Bamboo woven and used rice sacks
  • Roof: alang-alang (dried long grass) leaking and is now covered by tarpoline. 
  • Electricity: yes
  • Water: yes
  • Bedroom is the same room with the kitchen
  • Land status : owned

You can help by donating:

  • Food (rice and basic food) or cash donation to buy food every day.
  • Cash for children schools
  • Bicycle for the children to go to school
  • School bags,shoes,books and stationary
  • Cash donation to renovate their home.

Below some photographs documentations.

Back of the house
Back of the house
Side of the house
Inside the house
Inside the house
Inside the house
Inside the house

Below please find a video documentation which we took on May 5th, 2017.

Address: Br. Dinas Kebon Kangin, Peninjoan village, Tembuku sub-district, Bangli regency
Coordinates: 8°23’02.8″S 115°23’51.4″E (View on Google Maps)