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Mangku Nengah Ade, Paksebali Village, Klungkung

Date of Visit: March 16, 2012

Name: Mangku Nengah Ade

Age: 70 years old

Occupation: Pemangku at Kawitan Kebon Tubuh Temple

Address: Dusun Kanginan, Paksebali Village, Dawan Sub-District, Klungkung

Wife: Ni Ketut Metri

Age: 65 tahun

Occupation: Selling Bungkil Pisang (tum bungkil)

Tags: Poor and disabled family

Children: 8

  1. Ketut Kisid (M) Married
  2. Wayan Sadiarsa (M) Married
  3. Wayan Sadra (M/30th) Suffering Mental Disorder since 2010
  4. Kadek Simpen (F/28th) Widow, now lived with Pak Mangku
  5. Komang Sariasih (F/26th) paralyzed since 2000
  6. Ketut Suweca (M/25th) unemployment, sometimes worked as car-washer in Tukad Unda
  7. Wayan Cenik (M/23th) Married
  8. Komang Aris (F/22th) Worked as a housemaid

If you would like to become a regular donor for this family, we can open a bank account for them so that you can support them directly.

Ni Ketut Metri was the backbone of the family. Her income collected from selling “banana tree stump” was surely insufficient to fill her daily needs and the daily needs of her 4 children. Moreover, one of her children were paralyzed, while another one was mentally ill.

Komang Sariasih (P/26th) was paralyzed. She could only lay on the mat in such humid room everyday. She should eat and do toilet activity at the same room, and should be helped by the other family member.

Your help for this family can be in form of money, basic needs assistance, used clothes, mattress/sleeping equipment/other household-wares.

Here are some documentations taken:

Mangku Nengah Ade
Disabled child
Mentally-ill son
Mangku Ade’s family