Men Tegteg, poor elderly who lives from selling fern leaves

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Date of Visit: April 10th 2015

Name: Wayan Tegteg (Men Tegteg)

Occupation: Collecting fern leaves

Address: Br. Sengguan, Semarapura Kangin, Klungkung

Information: Poor Elderly

It would be very grateful if you would like to be her permanent contributor. We would be very pleased to provide a special bank account under her name, therefore you can donate directly.


Men Tegteg is from Besakih area, she lives in a house which is not hers on the Unda river side Klungkung. There is only one room with a wall made from bricks and iron sheeting roof and the terrace is used as kitchen. She got a mattress donation recently from a visiting contributor. There is no electricity available but her house is near Unda River.

Her husband had already passed away, he left 2 children and all had already been married. One of her son lives near her house. “If I don’t have any food, I will ask my son who lives near here to bring me food”, she said in Balinese accent. Everyday Men Tegteg collects fern leaves to be sold in the market, once she also collects sands and rocks to be sold.

Your donation to men Tegteg can be in form of basic groceries or funds to buy daily needs.

Below we provide several documentation of the visit.

Mattress Donation

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