Wayan Lapur, Poor Elderly in Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel, Tabanan

Category: Poor Elderly, Tabanan

The visit: 12 April 2017

Name: I Wayan Lapur (L/70 yo)

Occupation: farmer

Address: Br. Bengkel, Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel, Tabanan Regency

Son’s name: I Wayan Sujarka (L/44 yo)

Occupation: Palm sugar maker, farmer

Contact phone number:

  • 0857-9283-6920, I Made Supariana; The head of Dusun Bengkel
  • 0822-4746-3663, Ni Made Ayu Suastuti; BCC volunteer in Tabanan
  • 0812-3866-6165, I Wayan Mediastra; Babinkamtibmas Wongaya Gede Village
  • 0852-5308-1728, I Gede Putu Suparta Wijaya; Babinsa Wongaya Gede Village

Category: poor elderly, poor family

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4781-01-006710-53-8, Beneficiary: I Wayan Lapur

Regular sponsor:

  1. I Gusti Ngurah Agung, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting May 2017
  2. Ibu Ayu, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting July 2017
  3. Please contact us if you want to be a regular sponsor for Wayan Lapur.

Update on 12 April 2017; Wayan Lapur has received mattress and pillow aids.


I Wayan Lapur lives with his son I Wayan Sujarka (L/44 yo/ not married yet), Wayan Lapur’s wife has passed away.

Source of income:

  • I Wayan Lapur works as rainfed farmer, only one planting season in a year, he only gets income when there is harvest.
  • His son I Wayan Sujarka is a palm sugar maker, he also works as farmer like his father.
  • He gets rice-for-the-poor aid from the government, 15 kg/month by paying Rp. 24.000.

House condition: the access to his house is by foot, going up and down steep and slippery hill for about 1 km, quite dangerous in rainy season.

  • Bed rooms: 2
  • Beds: 2
  • Mattress: 1 (thin mattress)
  • Other room: kitchen
  • Floor of soil
  • Walls of clay
  • Roofs of tile
  • No electricity 
  • Water: yes (from spring) 
  • Land status: owned

The donation that you can give to this family: 

  • Mattress and pillow
  • Basic foods or cash donation to buy the necessities of daily living
  • Cattle
  • Cash donation to build a simple house 
  • Aids in the form of oil lamp, battery, flash light, etc ( there is no electricity) 

Here is some photo that we took:

Back of the house
Back of the house
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1
Bed 1
Bed 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bed 2
Bed 2

Below please find a video documentation which we took on April 12nd, 2017.

Address: Br. Bengkel, Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel, Tabanan Regency
Coordinates: 8°23’10.6″S 115°05’36.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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