Wayan Pariasa, the poor elderly in Br. Sandi Kerta, Pejarakan Gerokgak Village, Buleleng

Visit Date: June 28th 2018

Name: Wayan Pariasa (Male/62 years old)

Occupation: Farmers of the wicked, produce “Tuak” (kind of fermentation drink made from frond tree)

Address: Br. Sandi Kerta, Pejarakan Village, Gerokgak sub-district, Buleleng District

Name of his 1st Wife: Nengah Purta (Female/ ±60 years old) – barren. Occupation: farm worker, Cattle farming

Name of his 2nd Wife: Luh Somi (Female/±60 years). Occupation: Farm worker, Cattle farming

Contact Person / phone No: 0853-3360-3315/0853-3611-0214, Made Wiradnya, Local volunteer

Category: Poor Elderly

If you are willing to be a fixed donor for him, we will arrange to make a Bank Account under his name, so that you may help him directly

  1. Please contact us if you are willing to be his fixed donors


Wayan Pariasa has two wives due to his 1st wife are disable to have a child. From his 2nd wife he has 4 children as follows

  • 2 boys and 2 daughters
  • Two of them are married, one of them living in Tabanan, and the other one are living in the Denpasar with their family each.
  • Another two are single, One of them is working in Denpasar, and another one is a student of vocational high schools grade II, the expense of his study is covered by parent of one of his friend and also living with them. 

Wayan Pariasa is living in his house together with both his wives

Source of Income:

  • Wayan Paraisa is working as farmer of the wicked which belong to Government Buleleng. He grew maize, harvest one completed year, his crops is not for sale but its saved for family consumption by mix with rice
  • Wayan Pariasa is also working to produce “Tuak”(Kind of fermentation drink made from frond tree) with income IDR 25,000/day 
  • Both of his wives are working as farm worker with income IDR 15,000-30,000 daily /person. It is also depend on type of work. Usually In 1 month they get a job 5 times each 
  • In addition, to get more income both of his wives each are look-after two of caws and two of pigs 
  • They receives 10 kg of rice from government in every 1-3 month (Kind of Government program), uncertain.

House Condition:

  • Two of rooms
  • Two of Beds
  • One of mattress 
  • Other room : Kitchen, bathroom 
  • The floor is such of plain of land 
  • The Wall made from woven bamboo and traces of banner 
  • The roof made from asbestos
  • Electricity is available 
  • Water is available
  • Land status is tenant farmers

Your donation for this family can be:

  • Mattress and pillow
  • Groceries or some funds for daily needs 
  • A help cattle caws/pigs
  • A fund to build a simple house 

The following were some photos were we took.

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