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Wayan Sulitra, Underprivileged Family in Pejarakan village, Gerokgak, Buleleng regency

Visited on: 3 March 2017

Name : Wayan Sulitra (M/26 yo)

Occupation : farmer, handy labour

Address : Br. Goris, Pejarakan village, Gerokgak, Buleleng regency

Wife name : Kadek Sudiartini (F/26 yo)

Occupation : house wife


  • 0852-3799-9737 – Wayan Sulitra.
  • 0853-3360-3315 – Made Wiradnya, volunteer BCC Buleleng area

Category : underprivileged family

If you’d like to be a regular sponsor for Wayan Sulitra, we will help him to open up a new bank account, so you can make a direct transfer donation to him.


Wayan Sulitra and his wife has 2 children, both had not gone to school yet.

  1. First Child: F/5 yo
  2. Second Child: M/6 months old

Wayan Sulitra lives with his mother (his father has passed away) he also lives in a family compound with his sibling Wayan Repot who is also underprivileged family.

Source of income:

  • Wayan Sulitra work as any kind of laboring job with income Rp. 60.000 per day, he will be lucky to have average 10 jobs a month, the rest he is doing farming works.
  • His wife is looking after their kids at home, occasionally she will get work making offering when there is ceremony.
  • For extra income they are also minding their neighbor’s pig (1 pig) 
  • Once in 3-4 months, if he is lucky he will receive 3 kgs of rice (government subsidy) with payment of Rp. 6.000.

House condition: 

  • Bed rooms: 2 (1 bedroom for his mother, 1 room for the couple and 2 children)
  • Beds: 2
  • Mattress: 2
  • Floor: earth/soil
  • Wall: batako and bamboo covered used rice sack
  • Roof: tile 
  • Electricity: yes
  • Water: yes
  • Land status : borrow

You can donate:

  • Food (rice and basic food) or cash donation to daily buy food.
  • Bicycles or toys for the children
  • Farm animals ie cows/pigs
  • Fund/cash donation to renovate the floor and wall of their house.

Below some photographs.