Kunjungan Ibu Marja de Jong

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Pada tgl 5 Nopember, rekan kami Ibu Marja de Jong dari Belanda, melaporkan kunjungannya ke beberapa warga miskin di Kabupaten Karangasem. Berikut ini kutipan laporannya:

“With Tirta I have visited family Gunung. After talking there we decided to buy some things. We bought a large matrass, plastic lemari, susu, special food, Proten, soap, shampoo, towel, and so on. Also we bought a strawler. When the woman from the shop heard for whom we wanted to buy it, she gave the same strawler that had been used by her grandchildren, but still in good condition. So now they will have 2 strawlers, (one has to be cleaned first by Tirta)  the family and the children were happy. than they not have to lay down or be held by the parents always. Everything was delivered the same day.”

BESAR Made Gunung

“Yesterday with Surata I visited Fitri Anisah in Amlapura. That was even more shocking than the situation of family Gunung. The mother from Fitri died 2 months ago. Grandmother takes care of Fitri. Brother Aziz seems to have a trauma from the situation in the hospital, when his mother, Fitri and grandmother were all laying sick in one hospital room. many doctors and other people came to have a look and make pictures, but in his opinion they did nothing. Now he refuses to bring Fitri to the hospital, which I wanted to do because of her total condition and the possibility that she is suffering pain. And of course because of her eye. She should be taken to Sanglah.

But the good thing is that grandmother is very sweet to her. We found the aunt of Fitri, she is a very nice woman who told us the total, complicated family story. Father is not dead, but run away, probably to Lombok. The neighbourhood is gossiping that the mother had aids, so now they try to avoid the family. Most are very simple people, and don’t know the difference between cancer and aids. Aziz is already 18 years, and now just started with the SMK. He is sponsored by someone, probably from the Muslim community. Also the pampers and more are already sponsored. Aunt told us they really did not need anything, but I insisted and gave her 500.000 rp. for Fitri and grandma. Difficult to help them.”

BESAR Fitri Anisah

“Today we visited again pak Gunung and family. We brought some things, like a box of Proten. Pak Gunung told us about another poor family with 2 children. He came with us to the house in Ababi. It was nice of him to try to help another family also.

I Nyoman Nagantik, nickname Jering, 28-02-1963 and his wife Ni Luh Teni, 11-1-1963, had 5 children, one already died. Two are healthy, (1 in Sd, 1 in Smp) 2 are handicapped. I Gede Jati Suardana 27-7-2003 can sit, but not stand, walk or talk. His sister Ni Ketut Nonik is even worse handicapped, she cannot even sit. Because the mother must take care of the children, she cannot work. Her health is not good, heart and blood pressure problems but no possibility to go to a doctor. At the moment she is suffering from chickenpox. Job from father is loading trucks with sand. The house has only 2 rooms, no kitchen or bathroom. The children need pampers, the family needs everything: home improvement, good food, money and help to go to the doctor and hospital.”


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