A Visit for Housing Assistance Program in Klungkung

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On Monday, September 15, 2014, we visited Klungkung Regency to follow up home renovation program for the 2 poor families listed below:

  1. Ni Nengah Masna, poor elderly who lives alone at Br. Maruti, Akah Village, Klungkung sub-district.
  2. Men Linggih, poor family at Br. Karangdadi, Kusamba village, Dawan sub-district.

Both were chosen and already surveyed by the donor; PT. Bali Eka Jaya, represented by Mr. Ketut Sugita at that time. The survey was held on August 29, 2014.

Our visit was aimed to:

  • show the home renovation project to the contractor; Mr. Sumardi (081353185444)
  • coordinate with the family and the heirs of those two families, and to discuss about building position, as well as to find the “auspicious day” to start the construction.
  • meet up with the local village officers to inform about the project as well as asking permission to start the project.

Here are the local village officers:

  • I Wayan Sulitra (085237963679); Klian Br. Suka Duka Maruti
  • I Gusti Ngurah Mendra (081999486049); Klian Br. Karangdadi
  • I Nengah Sukada (085238055591); Bendesa Adat Karangdadi

Next, we are waiting for the information regarding “auspicious day” from the families to start the renovation project.

The documentations taken are as follow:

1 Rumah Nengah Masna
Nengah Masna’s House
2 Rumah Men Linggih
Men Linggih’s House
3 Wayan Sulitra
Wayan Sulitra
4 Gusti Ngurah Mendra
Gusti Ngurah Mendra
5 Nengah Sukada
Nengah Sukada
6 Kontraktor
7 Bersama Nengah Masna
With Nengah Masna
8 Kontraktor & Wyn Sulitra
Contractor & Wyn Sulitra

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