A Visit for Housing Assistance Program in Bangli

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On Wednesday, 3 May 2017 we followed up a house renovation program plan for 2 poor families in Peninjoan Village, Tembuku, Bangli. They are:

  1. I Ketut Nyanding; poor family in Br. Dinas Kebon Kaja, Peninkoan Village
  2. Ni Wayan Widiari; poor family in Br. Pulesari Kawan, Peninjoan Village


Our visit that time was for:

  1. Coordinate with the 2 families that received the house renovation program as mentioned above, deciding the location of the house as well as looking for a good day to start the process of building the house.
  2. Coordinate with the designer builder that was appointed to explain the picture of the house, specification and the cost to build the house.
  3. Coordinate with the 2 local hamlet heads to help supervise the project so that the construction of the house in accordance with the drawings, specifications, and costs that have been determined by the donor.
  4. Deliver door frames, doors, ex windows of hotel Puri Santrian for use in the construction project of the house.

This occasion was attended by:

  • I Ketut Nyanding and family
  • Ni Wayan Widiari and family
  • Head of hamlet Kebon Kaja; Mr. Wayan Susila (0821-4592-8299)
  • Head of hamlet Pulesari Kawan; Wayan Kardiasa (082237797298)
  • The builders from the local village

Here are some documentation that we took.

Ketut Nyanding family
Ketut Nyanding family
Wayan Widiari
Wayan Widiari
Head village
Head of the village
Windows door frame
Window, door, frame

The following are pictures of the house renovation plan:

Pictures of Ketut Nyanding’s House

Pictures of Wayan Widiari’s House

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