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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A Visit to Gunaksa Village Klungkung

Today, Friday, July 1, 2011, along with the completion of our work program in Pengotan Village Bangli, we visit “new district”, Klungkung / Semarapura.

Based on the information received, we visit Br. Kahuripan Kangin Banjarangkan Village, but from the findings in the field, we then decided to find the more underdeveloped village.

Finally we reached Gunaksa village, precisely arrived at Banjar Babung and Buayang, and we had an opportunity to visit some poor families in this village such as the family of; 1) Pan Puri and Men Puri 2) Bapak Lasta 3) Bapak and Ibu Surni, and some empty houses of the poor families, the documentations we’ve made are as below.

Pan Sumi’s Family
Garden and Cattle
Lasta’s Family
Men Surni’s Family
Men Surni’s Family
Empty House

On this occassion, we would like to thank Mita and Pak Merta, as well as the permanent volunteers and donors of BCC.

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