A Visit to the Poor at Seririt, Buleleng

We had a visit to some of the poor at Seririt, Buleleng on 25 September 2016. One of them was, Siki, the old grandma with her child. We handed cash donation from Mr. Ngurah Agung (IDR.1.000.000) and Mrs. Winda (IDR500.000).



This visitation was done together with the local social institution, some representatives from social community: BSC, BMTI, KBPS, Ajik Cok Krisna Community, Global Village, Geg Puspa Community, Bunda Nareswara, Dr. Lie and friends, and also Indonesian singer; Indah Dewi Pertiwi (IDP). At this moment, BCC was represented by Mr. Johnly and friends.

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