BKM Volunteers Training in Klungkung

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On Wednesday, 29 Februari 2012 we had an opportunity to hold training to 84 volunteers of BKM (Public Self-supporting Community) from 12 villages in Dawan District, Klungkung Regency. The training was held at Br. Kanginan Ds. Besan, Dawan, Klungkung.

BKM is an organization which:

  • it’s member chosen from, by and for the village society
  • is working out of the village’s governmental system
  • is working without/with minimum intervension from the village officers
  • its membership is voluntarily/unpaid
  • receive donation from the government through “PNPM Mandiri Pedesaan”
  • its aim is to empower and increase the village society’s prosperity

BKM’s duty is to make work programs to be proposed to the “PNPM Mandiri Pedesaan” to gather donation for the realization of its programs.

The background of this training program are as below:

  • The programs fund by PNPM are non-charity programs such as the fresh water supply, the village road work, etc.
  • Charity programs have to find different source of funding
  • The funding allocation from PNPM is decreasing
  • PNPM’s programs will be ended in 2014
  • In the future, BKM should be able to find another source of funding besides PNPM

This training program was aimed to share information about channeling; that is creating network to look for source of funding/financiers to support the BKM’s programs.

This training was attended by the consultant of PNPM of Dawan district, Ibu Luh Kusmirayanti together with 84 members of BKM from 12 villages (attachment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) as detailed below:

Pikat Village

  1. I Wayan Budiasa
  2. I Nyoman Aria
  3. Komang Mudiasa
  4. Ni Wayan Mariani
  5. Ni Komang Gumanti
  6. Ni Nyoman Nasih
  7. Ni Komang Wiryawati
  8. I Made Sukadana
  9. Ni Luh Widarini

Kusamba Village

  1. Dewa Gede Antara
  2. I Nengah Suriadi
  3. I Wayan Merta
  4. Gusti Nyoman Oka
  5. Ni Nengah Sudarni
  6. I Ketut Sudarta
  7. I Wayan Pande Widiarta
  8. I Komang Agus Mariawan

Kampung Kusamba Village

  1. Moh. Anwar
  2. HK Samsul Bahri
  3. Heru Santoso
  4. Abdul Gafar
  5. Nur Farqanah
  6. Idham Amin
  7. M. Arifin
  8. Siti Arfali

Sulang Village

  1. Ni Nyoman Mariani
  2. Ni Wayan Wistari
  3. Ni Wayan Darmini
  4. Ni Wayan Lestari
  5. I Nengah Budiasa

Besan Village

  1. Ni Nengah Ariani
  2. Ni Nengah Sumiarti
  3. I Ketut Sudiarta
  4. Nengah Ardiana
  5. Ni Komang Suartini
  6. I Komang Budiarta
  7. I Wayan Suantra
  8. Ni Rm Suriani
  9. I Wayan Sudiarsana
  10. Ketut Sutanaya
  11. I Nyoman Lama

Gunaksa Village

  1. I Ketut Mudiasa
  2. I Ketut Tiasa
  3. I Wayan Sudi
  4. I Wayan Warta
  5. I Komang Urip
  6. I Ketut Suaria
  7. I Wayan Sudarsa

Sampalan Tengah Village

  1. Ni Ketut Muliarti
  2. I Wayan Sujana
  3. I Komang Buana
  4. I Kadek Sukarta
  5. I Komang Antara
  6. I Wayan Swira
  7. I Wayan Suta

Sampalan Kelod Village

  1. Ni Wayan Nanik Armayuni
  2. I Ketut Gede Winaya
  3. I Nyoman Pageh
  4. I Komang Mariawan
  5. Purwatiningsih
  6. I Nengah Sridana

Paksebali Village

  1. I Wayan Subagiana
  2. I Nengah Suberata
  3. I Wayan Suparta
  4. I Made Widiarta
  5. I Wayan Sudana
  6. A.A. Gede Rimawan
  7. Ni Luh Sri Pujawati
  8. Rista Yuliastini

Dawan Kaler Village

  1. I Wayan Sunanta

Dawan Kelod Village

  1. Ni Wayan Ariawan
  2. Ni Wayan Sulasmin
  3. I Komang Sutarjana
  4. I Nengah Mantra
  5. I Nengah Yudiartawan

Pesinggahan Village

  1. I Nyoman Rapug
  2. I Nyoman Suarjana
  3. Dewa Ayu Alit Sunardani
  4. Wayan Hariani
  5. I Wayan Mustika
  6. I Kadek Suarsana
  7. I Wayan Sumiarta
  8. I Wayan Sudiana
  9. I Made Wibawa

Here are some documentations taken:

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