Bu Karni, an elderly without family in Kampung Pemulung, TPA Suwung, Pesanggaran, South Denpasar

Visit date : 8th April 2021

Name : Bu Karni (F / 58 years old)

Occupation : plastic bottles cleaner

Address : Kampung Pemulung (Waste Pickers Village), TPA Suwung, Pesanggaran, South Denpasar

Phone number that can be contacted : 0813-3895-9269, Bu Inem (Bu Adi) – BCC Volunteer in TPA Suwung

Category : Elderly without family

If you’d like to become a permanent donor for Bu Karni, we will create a bank account under her name, so you can help her directly.

Bank Account : not yet available

Permanent Donor:

  1. Please contact us if you’d like to become a permanent donor for her.

Bu Karni has never been married. She doesn’t have any family members both in Bali and in Java. She’s been living at the TPA (waste processing site) for 6 years. She hasn’t gone back home to Java since then. Bu Karni lives on her own in one of the temporary houses at Kampung Pemulung (Waste Pickers Village).

Source of income: Because of her old age, Bu Karni doesn’t capable to work as a waste picker at the waste processing site. So she work cleaning plastic bottles that have been collected by the waste pickers before those bottles are sold. She usually gets Rp 500 for 1 kg of cleaned plastic bottles. Within 1 day, she can earn between Rp 20.000 – 30.000.

House condition: A living space in the form of temporary housing that is provided by the collector (her boss) for free. She only needs to pay for electricity.

  • Bedroom : 1
  • Mattress : 1 (which she found at waste processing site)
  • Cemented floor that is covered by plastic
  • Walls are made of plywood
  • Asbestos roof
  • Electricity is available
  • Water is available (from the well)

Working and living environments that aren’t far from waste are not a clean and healthy environment. The stinging smell of garbage, water from a well that’s already polluted with garbage, the many slum emergency housings are normal situation in the TPA Suwung and its surrounding.

Your aid for her can be in the form of: Food or fund to buy daily needs.

If you have given assistance to her before, please fill in the following form below. Please write down what you have given her, as well as her latest update. This information will be very helpful for other donors who want to visit / help her.

Here are a few photos that we took while we were there.

Address : Kampung Pemulung (Waste Pickers Village), TPA Suwung, Pesanggaran, South Denpasar
Coordinates: 8°43’09.4″S 115°13’12.0″E (View on Google Maps)

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