Dadong Karian, a Less Fortunate Elderly at Br. Gembalan, Desa Selat, Klungkung

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Date of visit : 23 April 2019

Name: Dadong Karian (Female/ around 80 years old)

Occupation: unemployed due to old age

Address: Br. Gembalan, Selat Village, Klungkung District, Klungkung Regency

Relative’s name (Niece) : Wayan Suriani (Female/50 years old)

Occupation: casual worker (flower picker at the farm)

Category : poor elderly

Should you wish to be a regular donor for her, we will make a bank account with her as a beneficiary, so that you can help her directly.

Regular donor:

  1. Please kindly contact us should you wish to become a regular donor.

Update on July 1st, 2019; Dadong Karian received housing assistance.

Update on July 1st, 2019; Dadong Karian received walking sticks assistance.


Dadong Karian has never been married, she took care of her niece; Wayan Suriani which was abandoned by her parents when she was 17 days old. Wayan Suriani (Female/50 years old) has never been married as well, she took care of Dadong Karian. They live remotely in the middle of farming area, with almost no neighbor around.

Source of income:

  • Dadong Karian unable to work due to her age.
  • Her Niece; Wayan Suriani works as a casual worker (flower picker at the farm) with the wage of Rp. 15.000 – 50.000 per day (from 7am – 1pm). Her wage depends on the price of the flower in the market, so it could go up and down depends on the flower price. She could work 20-25 times in a month.
  • They receive the rice for the poor program (Raskin) from the government with the allocation of 10 kilograms per month.

House condition : Quite concerning, leaking roof, the wooden columns that hold the house are old, no electricity access. To get to the house, one should walk about 300 metres in to the farm. When we did the survey, one donor has promised to provide a house renovation aid for them. We sincerely hope it could be realized soon.

  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed base: 1
  • Bed: 1
  • Another room: kitchen
  • No floor (soil)
  • Wall from soil
  • Corrugated Iron roof (leaking)
  • No electricity
  • Water access available, they just receive a fresh water pipe aid from Klungkung Govt.
  • Land Status: privately owned

Should you wish to help this family, please kindly consider to donate:

  • Groceries or funds to buy daily needs
  • Funds to build a simple house
  • Walking stick for Dadong Karian

Below are the photos that we took during our visit.

Side of the house
Side of the house
Back of the house
Back of the house

Address: Br. Gembalan, Selat Village, Klungkung District, Klungkung Regency
Coordinates: 8°29’05.6″S 115°23’56.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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