Dusun Sogra, a poor area with a water shortage

Category: Poor Village

Date of Visit: 22 January 2016

Name: Dusun Sogra / Banjar Dinas Sogra

Address: Village of Sebudi, Selat Sub District, Karangasem Regency

Head of the village: Mr. I Nyoman Muliarta (085333443020)

Population: 145 households (398 inhabitants)

Means of Livelihood: the majority of the inhabitants are rice farmers or raise cows

Information: a poor area with a water shortage


Sogra is located in a mountainous area around 1200 metres above sea level, near Pura Pasar Agung in the village of Desa Sebudi, Selat, Karangasem. The majority of the population of Sogra work as dry rice farmers or raise cows. In the dry season, they receive an income from growing coffee while in the wet season they grow various kinds of root vegetables.

At the present time they get their water from a small reservoir located below Pura Pasar Agung which was built by the local government. Information that we were provided by the head of the village, I Nyoman Muliarta, on the condition of the reservoir is as follows:

  • The reservoir was promoted as capable of delivering water to 4 areas, namely Banjar Sogra (145 households), Banjar Sebudi (268 households), the village of Sebun (125 households) and the village of Bukit Galah (38 households)
  • The main pipe delivering water from the reservoir to the villages mentioned leaks as it was damaged by roadworks. To prevent the wastage of water, the water has been turned off and so cannot be enjoyed by the villagers.
  • A water storage tank in Sogra also leaks.

In the dry season, the local population have difficulty in getting water for their cooking and bathing needs and also for their animals. Those who still have some money in the dry season and who need water are forced to buy it. Water sellers bring water in a truck and pump it into a tower which holds 5000 litres. The cost is 180,000 Rupiah. Those who do not have the money have to go down the mountain to find a spring which requires a walk of 7 kilometres.

The options, amongst others, are as follows:

  • Repair the main pipe which leaks / is damaged
  • Repair the water storage tank which leaks
  • Build additional water storage facilities at locations nearer to where the people live

Some additional information:

  • A majority of the people already have tanks for rain water collection at their homes
  • There have been several attempts to sink a bore but none have been successful owing to the highland location 
  • A spring is located about 7 kilometres from Sogra
  • 3 other areas; Banjar Sebudi (268 households), the village of Sebun (125 households) and the village of Bukit Galah (38 households), have the same problem as Sogra namely a shortage of clean water.

For additional information, please contact the Head of the village of Sogra: Mr. I Nyoman Muliarta (085333443020).

Please find some additional information below.

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Water reservoirs
Water reservoirs

Video documentation we took on January 22, 2016.

Address: Village of Sebudi, Selat Sub District, Karangasem Regency
Coordinates: 8°22’26.8″S 115°30’03.2″E (View on Google Maps)

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