Educational Trip with 30 orphans and less fortunate children in Taman Nusa Gianyar

On 22 September 2019 BCC team with Astadala Hospitality team accompanied 30 orphans and 30 orphans and less fortunate children from various area in Karangasem to do an educational trip in Taman Nusa which located at Jalan Taman Bali, Banjarangkan, Gianyar, Bali. Taman Nusa is a cultural tourism park which provides a knowledge about culture from various ethnic in Indonesia within Bali natural setting. This event was held due to initiative and funding from Bapak Komang Astawa (Owner Astadala Hospitality) as a part of his 50th birthday.



During the event, the children were doing some activities that has been prepared by Taman Nusa team as follows;

  • Pagar Ayu Nusantara
  • Children welcomed by traditional dance such as Tari Kuda Lumping & Tari Ondel – Ondel
  • Exploring Taman Nusa where the children could experience Indonesia from time to time
  • Experiencing and interacting at Sanggar or houses which shows dance from some ethnics in Indonesia
  • Interacting with craftsman and people at the houses in Kampung Budaya area
  • Playing guess the song game at sanggar kolintang
  • Lunch at Sanggar Jawa Barat
  • Learn and play angklung together as an orchestra at Sanggar Jawa Barat
  • Visiting Etnography museum, wayang museum and batik museum which showcase various fabric and traditional craft from all over Indonesia



During the event, Bp. Komang Astawa also handed healthy snacks, stationery pack, shoes and school bags and cash of Rp 250.000 per child for those 30 children.

The list of the children who joined the event is attached.

Here are some of the documentation.

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