Food Package Assistance for 21 Poor Families in Ex Galian C Klungkung Village

On October 3rd, 2019 we provided food packages for 21 underprivileged families living in Ex Galian C Village (a former sand mining site) in Klungkung.



The following is the information about the Ex Galian C Village;

  • Name of place: Ex Galian C Village (east village) in Klungkung
  • Contact person:
    - Ibu Yuli: 0878-6743-7643
    - Bp. Bayu: 0877-5560-1529
  • Number of residents: 21 families
  • Residents’ origin areas: mostly are from Lombok, others are from Java, most residents are Klungkung ID card holders.
  • Livelihoods: wetland farmers, laborers loading sand onto trucks, odd jobs
  • Status of land occupied: there are those who contract / rent from the owner, there are also those who borrow and use without rent

Help needed:

  • Food / daily necessities
  • Electricity connection because many houses have no electricity
  • Access to clean water by utilizing water sources not far from the location
  • Mattress and pillows
  • Wearable used clothing

Following is the documentation of Ex Galian C Village.

Address: Ex Galian C Village (a former sand mining site) in Klungkung.
Coordinates: 8°33’35.8″S 115°25’45.9″E (View on Google Maps)

The following is the documentation of the distribution of food assistance.


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