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Friday, December 9, 2022

Ketut Gambir, a poor elderly in Banjar Liligundi, Bebandem Village, Karangasem

Visit date : 2nd July 2020

Name : Ketut Gambir (F/around 80 years old)

Occupation : raising chickens

Address : Liligundi, Bebandem Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency

Phone number that can be contacted : 0852-3840-0091, Wayan Sudarsana, BCC Volunteer for Karangasem area

Category : Poor elderly

Bank Account: Bank BRI No.: 4608-01-025193-53-1, Beneficiary: Ni Ketut Gambir

Permanent Donor:

  1. NS, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting April 2021
  2. Please contact us if you’d like to be her permanent donor

Update on September 6, 2020; Ketut Gambir has received mattress, pillows and kitchen utensils assistance.

Update on December 1, 2021; view updates at the bottom of this page.


Ketut Gambir was once married, but is now divorced. She has 1 daughter who is married already and live with her family in the same village. For daily meals, she’d usually get rice from her daughter, and she’ll look for vegetables to be eaten with the rice.

Source of income:

  • Ketut Gambir raises a few chickens. “I will sell a chicken if I don’t have rice or when it’s time for rainan/ceremony,” she said.
  • She has not received aid from the government in the form of rice for poor family.

House condition:

  • Bedroom : 1
  • Bed divan : 1
  • Mattress : 1 (a thin mattress)
  • The kitchen and bedroom share the same space
  • Dirt floor
  • Walls are made from bricks
  • Asbestos roof
  • Electricity is not available
  • For water, she ask for it from her neighbor
  • Land status : Being the land cultivators

Your help for Ketut Gambir can be in the form of:

  • Mattress and a pillow
  • Primer food necessaries or money to buy daily living needs
  • Chicken farming aid
  • Oil lamp/battery operated lamp, flash light, radio, battery –because there’s no electricity available

Here are a few photos that we took.

Address : Liligundi, Bebandem Village, Bebandem District, Karangasem Regency.
Coordinates: 8°25’45.4″S 115°33’42.4″E (View on Google Maps)

Update on December 1, 2021

On December 1, 2021, we visited her at her house. At that time, Ketut Gambir was sick with a fever. Others don’t change much.

Here’s some documentation.

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