Ketut Mader, a poor family in the village of Peninjoan, Tembuku, Bangli

Category: Bangli, Poor Family

Date of Visit: 27 November 2015

Name: I Ketut Mader (male / in his 40s)

Occupation: labourer

Address: Banjar Penarukan, Peninjoan village, Tembuku sub district, Bangli regency

Wife’s Name: Ni Nengah Wati (female / 35)

Occupation: makes small offerings for religious ceremonies

Phone number for contact:

  • 081237095239, I Ketut Mader
  • 081337219618, Bp. Nyoman Moleh; an official in Banjar Penarukan
  • 082340326093, Nyoman Salin; a neighbour

Additional Information: a poor family

If you would like to become a regular donor for this family, we can open a bank account for them so that you can support them directly.


I Ketut Mader and his wife Ni Nengah Wati have 2 children;

  1. Ni Putu Listiana (female / 4)
  2. I Kadek Yoga (male / 3)

Income: I Ketut Mader works as a labourer carting wood and his income is irregular. “ I get 60,000 Rupiah per day and on average work two days per week” he explained. His wife works at home making small temple offerings for sale while looking after the children.

The condition of the house: the floor is cement, the walls are made of woven bamboo and wood sheets and the roof is asbestos cement sheeting. There is one room which contains both the sleeping area and the kitchen. There is a mattress and pillows.

You could support this family by providing them with their daily necessities or by donating money for them to buy their daily needs.

Below please find some additional information.


Address: Banjar Penarukan, Peninjoan village, Tembuku sub district, Bangli regency
Coordinates: 8°24’15.8″S 115°24’00.4″E (View on Google Maps)

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