Ketut Mitra, a poor woman in the Village of Desa Julah, Tejakula, Buleleng

Date of Visit: 6 November 2015

Name: Ni Ketut Mitra (female / in her 60s)

Occupation: not working

Address: Banjar Kanginan, Julah village, Tejakula sub district, Buleleng regency

Phone contact: I Nyoman Suriasa, neighbour, 081238481029

Information: a poor woman living alone

Update on December 30, 2015; We did not succeed in making a bank account for her.


Ni Ketut Mitra lives alone. She and her husband are divorced. Her only child is deceased. It was difficult to communicate with her, perhaps because she is shy, or perhaps because she has a mental health problem. Most of her teeth are missing and this makes her speech difficult to understand.

The state of her house: the floor is compacted earth, the walls are of woven bamboo but with holes in several places, the roof is tiled. There is only one room and the kitchen and the bed are in that room. There is a mattress but it is very worn. There is no electricity and she uses a wall lamp for light.

Ni Ketut Mitra does not work. When we visited, she was collecting firewood; “I eat rice provided by the government (for the poor)”, she said in Balinese.

You could support Ni Wayan Sukati by providing a mattress and pillows, by providing her basic daily needs or donating money for her to buy her daily needs.

Please find below some additional information.


Video documentation we took on November 6, 2015.

Address: Banjar Kanginan, Julah village, Tejakula sub district, Buleleng regency
Coordinates: 8°06’50.4″S 115°18’01.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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