Ketut Tulus, poor elderly with a colapsed roof house

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Time of visit: April 10th 2015

Name: Ketut Tulus

Gender/age: Male/80 y.o.

Occupation: Unemployed

address: Br. Nyamping, Gunaksa village, Dawan district, Klungkung regency

If you want to be his permanent donator, we will open a bank account under his name in order to assist you to financially support him directly.


Ketut Tulus (M/80 y.o) is forced to sleep in the kitchen due to his house/bedroom’s roof had collapsed. He has to sleep on a plaited mat, no mattress, no pillow. Luckily, we brought travel bed that donated by PT. Graha Seribusatu Jaya; a furniture producer and distributor company for beds and pillows under the brand “Central Springbed” that located in Bandung. We handed over the travel bed to Ketut Tulus.

Ketut Tulus is not able to work anymore due to his old age. Thankfully there is his child and his spouse feeding him. His son works as farmer whereas his daughter in law makes Ceper -a mediation for praying- to sell.

His house is located in the middle of tegalan, Ketut Tulus works on that tegalan for another people, not for himself. His house condition is in total damage, roof and backside walls are broken so they can’t be used anymore.

Your help to Ketut Tulus can be in form of basic daily needs or financial donation to buy daily needs.

Below are some documentations that we took.

Back of the House
Inside the House
Sleep in the Kitchen
Mattress Donation
Mattress Donation

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