Made Lelung, Marga Dajan Puri Village, Tabanan

Category: Poor Family, Tabanan

Visit Date: March 7, 2014

Name: I Made Lelung

Wife: Ni Made Linjing

Occupation: Log Splitter, Menial Worker

Address: Br. Anyar, Marga Dajan Puri Village, Marga Sub-district, Tabanan

Remarks: Poor family

Made Lelung Desa Marga Dajan Puri Tabanan

I Made Lelung lived with his wife, Ni Made Linjing and their 2 grandchildren. They had 3 children and all of their children had married and lived at the other village. I Made Lelung sometimes split log for firewood or be a menial worker, depending on the available job. Sometimes, he didn’t get any work to do.

His wife, Ni Made Linjing cannot work anymore since she fell and broke her legs 2 years ago. The two grandsons who lived with her, 16 years old and 19 years old, only passed the elementary school. They also worked as menial workers.

The house condition: floor was made of dirt, the walls were also made of dirt, the ceiling was made of woven bamboo – some of the ceilings were broken, the roof leaked, windows were covered by used banner, and beds were not in good condition.

Your donation to the family of I Made Lelung can be in form of fund to fix their house, basic need assistance, used clothes, bed and pillows, and other house hold appliances. If you want to either give donation or visit their house, you can directly contact:

  • Bapak I Made Murjana; Head of Br. Anyar, ph. 081337208288 or
  • Bapak I Ketut Sarjana, ph. 081337244550

The documentations taken are as below:

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Md Lelung’s Family
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