Made Nubawa, Poor Elderly in Br. Klatkat, Abang Batudinding Village, Kintamani, Bangli

Category: Bangli, Poor Elderly

Date of visit : November 24, 2017

Name : Ni Made Nubawa (Female/ 90s year old)

Occupation : does not work

Address : Br. Klatkat, Abang Batudinding Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency

Contact phone number: 0821-4592-8299, Head of Dusun Kebon Kaja; Mr. Wayan Susila

Category : poor elderly

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4627-01-011325-53-8, Beneficiary: Ni Made Nubawa

Fixed donors:

  1. Andi Widodo, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting February 2019
  2. Please contact us if you want to be a regular donor for Made Nubawa


Ni Made Nubawa and her husband have 2 married girls to another village (still in Bangli Regency), her husband has long died, she is now living alone in a house / hut that is still in the yard of her nephew’s family.

Source of income:

  • She has no income; she cannot work because of her old age.
  • She also did not get the help of poor rice (Raskin) from the government
  • To eat everyday she expects help from neighbours or nephews, her daughters also sometimes see her.

Home conditions:

  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of cots / bed: 1
  • Number of mattresses: none
  • Kitchen next to the bed
  • Floor of cement
  • The walls made of woven bamboo
  • Roof from asbestos that has been leaked in some parts
  • Electricity exists
  • Water does not exist, water must buy
  • Land status: not owned

Your help to her can be in the form of:

  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Staples or financial aid to buy the necessities of daily living
  • Funding for simple home construction

Here are some photos we took.

Back of the house
Back of the house
Inside the house
Inside the house

Address : Br. Klatkat, Abang Batudinding Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency
Coordinates: 8°19’37.0″S 115°23’35.2″E (View on Google Maps)

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Admin says:

    @Donna Kuzman. Cost estimation is as below:
    A mattress is Rp. 360.000
    A pillow is Rp. 35.000
    Delivery cost (by the local seller not by BCC) is Rp. 50.000
    Thank you.

  2. Donna Kuzman says:

    Hi Admin can you tell me how much a mattress and a pillow would cost to but for her please ??

  3. Admin says:

    @Donna Kuzman. We gave her food package and money when we visited her on November 24, 2017, but she still has no mattress.

  4. Donna Kuzman says:

    Hello I have become friends with Denise in Australia from little helping hands – can I ask if this elderly lady has been offered any help yet with a new mattress or pillow or food ??

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