Made Selat, Poor Elderly in Br. Goris Asri, Pajarakan Village, Gerokgak Buleleng

Time of visit: 2 June 2017

Name: Made Selat (Male/around 70 yo)

Occupation: Raising pigs for meat

Address: Br. Goris Asri, Pajarakan Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency

Wife’s name: Nyoman Sukreni (Female/Around 70 yo)

Occupation: Worker to make Canang (Balinese offering)

Contact phone number: 0853-3360-3315, Made Wiradnya, local volunteer

Category: poor elderly

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4754-01-009798-53-8, Beneficiary: I Made Selat

Regular sponsor:

  1. Please contact us if you want to be a regular sponsor for Made Selat

Update on August 7th, 2019; Made Selat received housing assistance.


Made Selat and his wife have;

  • 2 daughters
  • 4 sons
  • 5 children are married, 1 person is still single and live with him.
  • 5 children only finished primary school, 1 graduated from junior high school

Source of income:

  • Due to his old age and sickness, Made Selat was unable to work hard, he only kept two pigs, no fixed income, only income when he sold pigs.
  • His wife works to make a Canang with an average income of Rp. 300,000 per month.
  • He gets gets rice-for-the-poor aid from the government, 4 kg/month by paying Rp. 8.000.

House conditions:

  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of cots / bed: 2
  • Number of mattresses: 1
  • Floors of ground
  • The walls of woven bamboo are covered with used banners
  • Roof from tile and asbestos
  • Electricity exists
  • Water is there, well water
  • Another room: kitchen
  • Land status: tiller

Your help to this family can be in the form of:

  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Staples or financial aid to buy the necessities of daily living
  • Pigs livestock aids
  • Funding for renovating houses (floors, walls) or for simple house-building

Here are some photos we took.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2

Address: Br. Goris Asri, Pajarakan Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency
Coordinates: 8°08’40.2″S 114°35’13.2″E (View on Google Maps)

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