Men Balik, Elderly Poor Woman in Pajahan Village, Pupuan, Tabanan

Category: Tabanan

Date of visit: 7 August 2015

Name: Men Balik / Ni Nyoman Sukantin (F / 70 years)

Occupation: making woven hats

Address: Br. Sari ground, Pajahan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan

Son: I Wayan Ariawan (M / 25 years)

Occupation: worker in clove / coffee plantation

Contact person: IGK. Suarjana, member of security team in Pajahan Village, phone no. :081338767076

Description: elderly poor woman

If you want to donate regularly, we will create a bank account for her so you can help her directly.


Since two years ago, Men Balik (F / 70 years) cannot work because of her legs gammy. She has to make woven hats to fulfill her living costs. “I get around Rp 4,000 per day ” she said in Bahasa Bali. Her son, I Wayan Ariawan (M / 25 years / married) living next to her house. “My son will give me rice if I don’t have any “, she said. Her husband died long ago.

Conditions of her house: the floor is made of soil, lower part of wall was made of bricks, the upper part of wall was made of bamboo, roof of zinc, the biggest part of walls are rotted. The side of her house in bad condition. There is only one shack; bedroom and kitchen are in one area.

The donation for Men Balik can be groceries or grant to buy her needs of daily living or for home renovation.

These are some photos documentation.

Side of the house
Side of the house
Side house was broken
The house - landslide
Back of the House
Back of the house
Eating Place
Inside the house
Woven Cap
Woven Cap

Address: Br. Sari ground, Pajahan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan
Coordinates: 8°20’01.0″S 114°59’17.8″E (View on Google Maps)

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