Mohammad Yatim, a Poor Old Grandpa with 2 Orphaned Grandchildren

Category: Poor Elderly

Visitation Date : 26 February 2016

Name : Mohammad Yatim (M/around 80 years old)

Job : unable to work due to illness

Wife Name : Juhriah (F/ around 70 years old)

Job : unable to work due to illness and paralysis

Address : Br. Banyubiru, Banyubiru village, Negara Sub district, Jembrana Regency

Contact Detail : 081999233732 (Ainun Najib – Grandchild)

Mentioned as : poor elderly

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4695-01-001432-52-6, Beneficiary: M Yatim

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Mohammad Yatim is unable to work. He has arthritis legs, his mouth is also swollen. His wife, Juhriah also has problem with her health and she is difficult to walk due to paralysis.

Their 6 children passed away due to illness including their last child in law. They are now taking care of their 2 orphaned grandchildren who have to lose their opportunity to attend school because of financial reasons:

  1. Ainun Najib (M/18 years old); attended school until grade 6 elementary school, then work in a motorcycle workshop at Jembrana.
  2. Hairul Anam (M/16 years old); attended school until grade 1 junior high school. He has just done appendicitis operation covered by JKBM (Bali Mandara health insurance)

This family actually has received house renovation support from the local community, but the house condition still gets our attention; the cementing floor, the cranky wall in some parts, leaking from the roof, there is only single bedroom for their grandchildren, and a kitchen. Mohammad Yatim has to sleep in the living room using a carpet. Juhriah has her own bed with a mattress and sleep separately from her grandchildren in another mattress. They depend their life from their grandson income, Ainun Najib. “Enough or not, we have to survive” they mentioned.

Everybody can support this family by giving mattress, cushion, walking aids, daily needs, cash assistance for their daily life support, or for their house renovation.

Below are some documentations.

Hairul Anam grandchild
Grandchild bed
Grandchild bed
M Yatim bed
M Yatim bed
Juhriah bed
Juhriah bed

Video documentation we took on Februari 26, 2016.

Address : Br. Banyubiru, Banyubiru village, Negara Sub district, Jembrana Regency
Coordinates: 8°20’57.5″S 114°35’24.4″E (View on Google Maps)

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