Nengah Patri, 12 Years Suffers a Stroke That is Keep Getting Worse

Time of visit: June 5 2015

Name: I Nengah Patri (M/60ish y.o)

Occupation: Unemployed/Sick

Address: Br. Sengguan, Dawan Kaler Village, Dawan District, Klungkung Regency

Wife: Ni Wayan Srinek (F/55 y.o)

Occupation: Makes Canang

Accessible Phone Number: 08155741382 (Ni Nengah Sudianing; daughter)

Note: Poor and Sick Family

If you want to be his permanent donator, we will open a bank account under his name in order to accommodate you to help him directly.


I Nengah Patri (M/60y.o) continuously moaning in pain, the pain is all over his body that makes him has to change position every 5 minutes. Sits – lies – sits – lies and repeats every 5 minutes. It has been 12 years he suffers stroke and it just getting worse by days, he could not even moves his arms and legs at all. All activities like eating, defecation, bathing, everything has to be done in his terrace.

Nengah Patri and his wife; Wayan Srinek live by themselves, their 2 daughters are married and stay at their niece’s house which happened to be empty as the owner is working in Denpasar.

Still within 1 yard with his niece’s house Nengah Patri has a house that was a assistance from the local village; home renovation assistance program of Dawan Kaler village. The condition of the house is still habitable; cement floors, roofs of tile.

Sources of income; As Ni Wayan Srinek could not leave her husband to work out of the house, due to she has to continue to take care of her husband, the only work she is available to do at home is making canang for sale. The income is not stable, “between Rp 5000 up to Rp 10.000 per day” She said.

Your help to this family could be in form of basic daily aids, financial support to buy basic daily aids, or medical support.

Below are some documentation that we took.

Nephew House

Address: Br. Sengguan, Dawan Kaler Village, Dawan District, Klungkung Regency
Coordinates: 8°31’51.5″S 115°26’41.8″E (View on Google Maps)

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