Nengah Tika, poor elderly couple at Br. Pulesari Kawan, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku, Bangli

Category: Bangli, Poor Elderly

Visit Date : 23rd May 2016

Name : I Nengah Tika / Pan Dastri (Male, 70 y/o)

Occupation : Cow caretaker

Address : Banjar Pulesari Kawan, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency

Spouse Name: Ni Nengah Srimulih / Men Dastri (Female, 70 y/o)

Occupation : Cow caretaker

Phone number : 082237797298, Banjar Pulesari Kawan; Wayan Kardiasa Chief’s phone number : Wayan Kardiasa

Remark : poor elderly couple

If you want to be their regular supporter, we will make bank account on their behalf, so you can help directly.


I Nengah Tika and his spouse have 3 children, all have been married and live with their own family in the same village. Condition of the 3 children also under economy. I Nengah Tika live together with his spouse, and because of old age, they are often get rheumatic.

Source of income : both of them take care 3 cows of their neighbour, and they will get paid share after they sold the cow. They eat from government support rice for the poor and vegetables from the surrounding garden such as casava leaves, papaya leaves, young jack fruit, etc. For additional income they have breed some chicken.

House condition : 1 room for bed and kitchen, 1 bed with mattress, house located in the middle of garden field through track road.

  • Soiled floor
  • Batako wall
  • Brick roof
  • No electricity
  • No fresh water, ask to nearest neighboor
  • Own land

Your support to this family can be : food supplies or funds to buy daily need, farm animal.

Some of the documentations we took:

Inside the house
Inside the house
Cow cattle

Below please find a video which we took on 23 May 2016.

Address : Banjar Pulesari Kawan, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency
Coordinates: 8°25’01.1″S 115°24’33.1″E (View on Google Maps)

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