Ni Wayan Pejet, Poor Lonely Elderly at Nawa Kerti Village, Abang, Karangasem

Visiting Date : 17 May 2016

Name : Ni Wayan Pejet (F/around 80 years old)

Occupation : Farmer

Address : Br. Bau Kaler, Nawa Kerti Village, Abang, Karangasem

Contact Person : 08563825220/081936540820, I Wayan Punduh, Village Head of Bau Kaler

Note : Poor elderly living alone

Bank Account: Bank BRI, No.: 4606-01-011483-53-0, Beneficiary: Ni Wayan Pejet

Regular Donors:

  1. Adisty Padmasari, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting December 2016
  2. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on June 3rd, 2016: Ni Wayan Pejet received housing assistance, divan, mattress, pillow and small cupboard.


Ni Wayan Pejet lives alone in the middle of the farm area. Her husband passed away a long time ago and they have no children.

There is almost nothing for living. Ni Wayan Pejet works as a farmer for the farm owner. Due to her old age, she is only able to plant cassava and some grains that later will be exchanged by rice. “I was given Rp. 40.000 and I buy fish, if I have no money, I don’t” ,she said in Bali language. She had 2 pigs before, but all were gone, so she just does farming for living now.

Her home condition is miserable. There is only single room for sleeping and cooking. She sleeps on an old used sack with no mattress. The building condition is almost collapsed:

  • Ground floor
  • Tarpaulin wall
  • Asbestos roof
  • No electricity
  • No water source, only buy from neighbor

Donation for Ni Wayan Pejet can be in a form of:

  • Mattress and Pillow
  • Daily need/cash for buying daily need
  • Cash support for building renovation (not permanent) because the land status ownership.

The followings are the documentations taken:

Side of the house
Side of the house
Back of the house
Back of the house
Side of the house
Side of the house

Below please find a video which we took on 17 May 2016.

Address : Br. Bau Kaler, Nawa Kerti Village, Abang, Karangasem
Coordinates: 8°22’39.4″S 115°34’53.6″E (View on Google Maps)

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  1. Admin says:

    @Marja de Jong. Hi Ibu Maria, how are you doing? I wish this message finds you very well, thank you for the update. Cheers. Kadek

  2. Marja de Jong says:

    Together with Wayan Tirta and his wife I visited Ibu Pejet, a nice old lady. We brought some food and small donation. The village head showed us the way.
    Although there is no water and no bathroom, she was happy with the new house.

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