Nyoman Salin, poor family in Tembuku Bangli

Category: Bangli, Poor Family

Date of visit: 10 July 2015

Name: I Nyoman Salin (m/30 y.o)

Occupation: Carrying wooden laborer

Address: Br. Penarukan, Peninjoan village, Tembuku district, Bangli regency

Wife: Ni Nengah Sukanadi (f/28 y.o)

Occupation: Carrying wooden laborer

Accessible phone number: 0823-3910-2824

Note: poor family

Bank Account: Bank BRI unit Tembuku Bangli, No.: 8006-01-000508-53-3, Beneficiary: I Nyoman Salin


  1. Please contact us to become a sponsor

Update on November 13rd, 2015; Nyoman Salin received housing assistance.

Update on November 27th, 2015; Nyoman Salin received the cost of electricity installation.

Update on January 11st, 2017; Nyoman Salin received cattle assistance.

Update on April 25th, 2017; Nyoman Salin has received wardrobe donation.


I Nyoman Salin and wife: Ni Nengah Sukanadi have 3 children:

  1. Ni Luh Candra (f/2nd grade at elementary)
  2. Ni Komang Widiantari (f/4.5 y.o)
  3. I Ketut Damayasa (m/2,5 y.o)

I Nyoman Salin and his wife work as laborer that carrying wooden.

Their house condition is so pity; soil ground, bamboo and wooden walls, old sacks that wrapped the holes on the wall,  roof, and only 1 hat to sleep at as well as to cook at. There is only 1 bed for five people, no mattress nor pillows, no electricity.

Your helps could be in form of basic daily needs, mattress and pillows, or financial support to help them buying daily needs and school fees, or financial support for constructing a simple house.

Below are some documentation that we took.

Nyoman Salin Family
Nyoman Salin Family
Child sleep
Children sleep

Address: Br. Penarukan, Peninjoan village, Tembuku district, Bangli regency
Coordinates: 8°23’58.2″S 115°24’24.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Admin says:

    @Grant. You can be their regular donor for maximum USD 10 per month per family. You can send your donation via our PayPal account (please click the PayPal button on our website), and then we will transfer the fund to their bank account, we will send you the slip for every transfer made. Thank you.

  2. Grant says:

    I would like to look at fully sponsoring this family.
    Please tell me what I can do and what it could cost me on a regular basis? Also can I go and help them on a regular basis?
    Many thanks for your prompt response

  3. Admin says:

    @Darrrin Szewczyk. Thank you for your donation. We have received your donation for I Nyoman Salin family. We’ll send you the documentation once it is submitted. Thanks again. Kind regards, Kadek BCC.

  4. Darrrin Szewczyk says:


    I would like to help this family, my parent will send via pay pall I hope our little donation can help them. Hugsss


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