Plan to Visit Pengotan Village Bangli

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Along with the finishing of the cows donation for poor families in Nawa Kerti Village, Abang, Karangasem, next we will visit Pengotan Village Bangli. We choose this village after receiving information from the analysis and observation report from the academician of Udayana University.

“Pengotan Village is one of the nine villages in Bangli Regency which has poor families at the most in its community proportion. 56% of 924 families in this village are the poor families. This traditional village society in the north course of Bangli, lives from farming. Majority of the people in this village work as farmers wih low degree of education and purchasing power as well as the limited stock of foods in every family. Malnutrition treathens the life of the children under 5 years old and pregnant women in this village. The demographic and social-economic condition in this society, places Pengotan village to be in food insecurity condition among the villages in Bangli.

The report of this research was written based on the secondary data, observation, and in-depth interview with several local community leaders (parcipatory rapid assessment), combined with the quantitative data from the survey. The data taken from the survey result will be used as the basis (based line data) to measure the success of various intervention which will be developed starts from July 2009. The intervention will be conducted with the active participation from the society in order to increase the capability of the poor society to provide prosperous life for themselves.”

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