Putu Ekayasa, Toddler who suffer from Cholestasis

Category: Poor and Sick

Date of visit: April 10th 2015

Name: Putu Ekayasa

Sex/Age: M/3.5 yo

Address: Br. Sengguan, Semarapura Kangin, Klungkung

Father: Komang Putra (28 yo)

Grandfather: Nyoman Kantin/ Pan Lumbeng

Grandmother: Ida Ayu Nyoman Dalem Sueta

Information: Toddler who suffer from Cholestasis

Bank Account: Bank BRI unit Selat Semarapura, No.: 4749-01-006794-53-2, Beneficiary: I Komang Putra

Update on August 20th, 2015; Putu Ekayasa had died


BCC team took a walk through a lane in the middle of a field on the Unda river side to find Putu Ekayasa’s (M/3.5 yo) house who suffers from Cholestis; a condition where bile cannot flow from the liver to the duodenum. In his case it is caused by hepatitis. It causes a high bile level and his eyes and skin are yellow.

The condition of Putu Ekayasa; his eyeball and skin are yellow, he could not speak, his arms and leg are rigid, he could not sit or walk, there is a pipe planted in his head. He had already been hospitalized 3 times; 1 time in RSUD Klungkung and two times in Sanglah-Denpasar, however there is no positive progress occurred. He is so lucky for having a JKBM and BPJS account (governmental health insurance).

Moreover, his mother had left him for another marriage. Putu Ekayasa is cared by his grandparents. His father works as a non-permanent worker who depends on any job available.

House condition; the house is built on a land which is owned by someone else, no electricity available and they use water from the Unda river for daily needs.

Your donation can be in a form of basic groceries, or funds for to buy daily needs and his medication.

Below we provide several documentation of the visit.

With Grandma
Grandpa, Father, Grandma

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