Putu Ratmini, daughter of a poor family who could not continue study at school

Date of visit: April 10th 2015

Name: Putu Ratmini

Sex/Age: F/13 yo

Address: Br. Tulang Nyuh, Desa Tegak, Klungkung

Mother/Occupation: Ni Ketut Ratning/labour

Uncle: I Nyoman Widia

Phone No.: 085739055858

Other information: Daughter of a poor family who could not continue school

Bank Account: Bank BRI Klungkung, No.: 0114-01-004849-53-0, Beneficiary: Ni Nengah Ratning


  1. Cahyandari Listy, USD 10 per month, from November 2015
  2. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on 16 August 2015; she goes to school again on donor assistance.


Since her father had left for another marriage, Putu Ratmini (F/13yo) and her mother moved to her uncle’s house. There are only 2 narrow rooms in the house; 1 room for her uncle, aunt and cousins and the other one for her and her mother. It has only cemented floor which is already broken. They sleep on a plastic carpet without any mattress or pillows. Doors, window leaf, and the roof are already broken and there is no electricity available.

Due to lack of funds, Putu Ratmini could not continue school, fortunately there is already a contributor who promised to defray her school this year. Every day, her mother works as a non-permanent worker who depends on any job available.

Your donation can be in a form of basic groceries, mattress, pillows, or funds for to buy daily needs.

Below we provide several documentation of the visit.

Putu Ratmini
With aunt and uncle
Plastic carpet

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