Revolving Livestock Assistance Program (Bantuan Ternak Bergulir/BTB)

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The Revolving Livestock Assistance Program (BTB) is an initiative for managing livestock assistance (pigs & goats) for underprivileged people based on a revolving system. Providing assistance to secure just one animal can result in a turn over from one person to another as a means to increase income.



  • The need for pork and goat meat in Bali is quite high, both for consumption and for religious ceremonies.
  • Many people have skills in raising livestock but are unable to buy young animals for this purpose.
  • Sources of animal feed are relatively easy to find around the neighbourhoods where the people live.


  • Open opportunities for underprivileged people to try/work to raise livestock to increase income.
  • Empower people to work independently, instead of just relying on handouts from others.
  • Optimize the use of resources within the community.


  • Assistance in the form of young livestock, not in the form of money.
  • Assistance educates and empowers the community.
  • Assistance involves the roll-over of livestock from one person to another.
  • Program is monitored by local BCC Volunteers.

Initial Capital Assistance Budget:

  • To purchase a young pig: Rp. 600,000 /per animal
  • To purchase a young goat: Rp. 1,000,000 /per animal

Criteria for the Beneficiary:

  • Underprivileged people according to BCC criteria*.
  • People who are still physically able to work and raise livestock.
  • People who have skills in raising livestock.
  • People who have land/enclosures and ready access to food sources for the livestock.
  • People willing to sign a statement pledging to maintain livestock to the best of their ability.

*BCC has surveyed hundreds of impoverished people throughout Bali since 2010. BCC has a standard / criteria reference in conducting assessments of people surveyed. Only people who are included in the criteria will be eligible to be listed as prospective beneficiaries.

Aid Distribution Mechanism:

  • BCC volunteers in each village submit a list naming disadvantaged people as potential beneficiaries.
  • The BCC Survey Team will survey the potential beneficiaries. Only people who are included in the criteria will be considered eligible for this program and placed on a waiting list. 
  • BCC will channel assistance from donors to prospective beneficiaries in accordance to the waiting list through its local BCC Volunteers.
  • Each person will receive assistance of 1-2 young pigs or 1 young goat only after signing a statement stating their ability and commitment to properly raising the livestock.
  • BCC volunteers are tasked with monitoring the development of the livestock in their respective regions.
  • If the livestock is sick or dead, the caretaker must report to the local BCC Volunteer for verification and documentation.
  • When the livestock is/are sold, 1) Beneficiaries must return the value of initial capital assistance to BCC to then be channelled to the next prospective beneficiaries. 2) Beneficiaries are obliged to buy young livestock and continue their business independently.
  • A report of all donors, list of people who have received assistance and a list of livestock that has been revolved will be posted in Pdf format the bottom of this page.

Become a BTB Donor:

You can become a Donor for this BTB Program by transferring funds to the following BCC account:

Bank Name: Bank BRI
Branch: Diponegoro Denpasar
Account Number: 0571-01-000117-30-3
Swift Code: BRINIDJA

The donation options are as follows:

  • Donate Rp. 600,001 for the assistance of 1 pig, Rp. 1,200,002 for the assistance of 2 pigs and so on.
  • Donate Rp. 1,000,001 for the assistance of 1 goat, Rp. 2,000,002 for the assistance of 2 goats and so on.

Next, please inform us:

  • Full name/initials of donor that we can list in the BTB Report at the bottom of this page
  • Proof of transfer of donations via email: asti[at] or via WhatsApp: 0813-3830-4000 to Ibu Asti.
  • If donors reside abroad, donations can be transferred via the following PayPal BCC account:

BTB Program Report:

Pigs Livestock

  1. Report 1 B, 10 pigs 1st wave

Goat Livestock

  1. Report 1 K, 10 goats 1st wave

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