Social Service with Guang Ji Indonesia Foundation at Pesagi Village, Penebel, Tabanan

On 16 October 2016, we, together with Guang Ji Indonesia Foundation/Dharma Agung Foundation held a social service by distributing 50 basic commodities package to 50 underprivileged citizen at Dusun Pegubugan Kangin, Pesagi Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency.


At that opportunity, the following persons were also present:

  • Head of Pesagi Village; Mr. I Made Sudana (phone number: 0851-0309-0328)
  • Head of Dusun Pegubugan Kangin; Mr. I Nengah Muliana (phone number: 0812-3788-0197)
  • Donors from Guang Ji Indonesia Foundation/ Dharma Agung Foundation, represented by Mr. Sarwoko Wijaya and group (the list of names is listed below)
  • BCC volunteers; Fedy Romamti, Ni Made Ayu Suastuti, Ni Kadek Krisniari


List of names of the team members of Guang Ji Indonesia Foundation/Dharma Agung Foundation:

  1. Sarwoko Wijaya
  2. Siska Wijaya
  3. I Guna
  4. Iluh Swastika
  5. Budi Partono
  6. Ayu Suciati
  7. Ketut Sugiama
  8. Rika
  9. I Nengah Sarono
  10. Diah
  11. Made Sudarsana
  12. Selly
  13. Thomas Katen

The 50 underprivileged citizens are as attached (page 1, page 2):

  1. I Nyoman Sudiantara
  2. I Wayan Suarnawa
  3. I Nyoman Mei
  4. I Wayan Suardana
  5. Gusti Made Dana
  6. I Wayan Sudarma
  7. I Made Aryawinawan
  8. I Nengah Rasmen
  9. I Made Mudiantara
  10. I Nyoman Sukarta
  11. I Ketut Eko Panunggal
  12. I Wayan Wetra
  13. I Made Sukarja
  14. I Ketut Wiasih
  15. I Made Agus Gargita
  16. I Made Goyok
  17. I Ketut Sumendra
  18. I Wayan Semudri
  19. I Wayan Sunarta
  20. I Nyoman Subrata
  21. I Putu Sugina Astawa
  22. I Nengah Serata
  23. I Nyoman Sukarata
  24. Anak Agung Ketut Punia
  25. I Nyoman Sukarta
  26. I Nengah Surada
  27. I Wayan Sudiana
  28. I Made Sudarma
  29. I Wayan Martika
  30. Ni Komang Sudarmi
  31. I Nyoman Suarsana
  32. Bobo Suarta Naya
  33. I Made Dwi Putra
  34. Ni Nyoman Sayang
  35. Ni Wayan Ngenteg
  36. Sayu Sri Martini
  37. Anak Agung Ketut Gunaarsa
  38. Anak Agung Wayan Supleg
  39. Anak Agung Wayan Tantra
  40. Anak Agung Made Sukarja
  41. I Nyoman Wisma
  42. I Wayan Nasib
  43. I Wayan Sumadia
  44. I Made Sutarma
  45. I Ketut Sumajaya
  46. Anak Agung Made Winarta
  47. I Made Sudiana
  48. I Wayan Sukarda
  49. I Wayan Purnata
  50. I Wayan Padma Winata

At that event, we also convey the aid from Mrs. Santi Gunawan in the form of 25 sarongs to 25 of the above citizens, particularly to senior citizens.

Below are some photos that we have taken:

Pesagi head village
Pesagi Village Chief
Pegubugan Kangin head village
Pegubugan Kangin Chief
Head village welcome
Welcome Speech
Head village welcome
Welcome Speech
Donors welcome
Welcome Speech
Guang Ji Foundation
Guang Ji Foundation

In addition, we also visited the following underprivileged citizens:

  1. I Wayan Suarnawa (L/41 years old); an underprivileged family at Dusun Pegubugan Kangin, Pesagi Village, Penebel, Tabanan
  2. Ida Bagus Komang Merta and his wife Ida Ayu Ketut Sumarati; an underprivileged family at Br. Tegal Seka, Pesagi Village, Penebel, Tabanan.

Below please find a video documentation which we took on 16 October 2016.

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