Visiting some poor citizen in Karangasem with Bali Family Projects

On January 18th 2018 we escorted Mr. Grant Wills from Bali Family Projects visited some poor citizen at Bungaya Village, Bebandem, Karangasem.

Poor citizen that we visited are following:

  1. I Gede Ribek
  2. I Nyoman Punduh
  3. I Wayan Tulus 
  4. Mangku Maospahit 
  5. Ni Nengah Ratep 
  6. I Wayan Kari 

On that occasion Bali Family Projects giving aid including 1 package of daily needs, 1 bed and 1 pillow to I Gede Ribek, I Nyoman Punduh, I Wayan Tulus, Mangku Maospahit, Ni Nengah Ratep family and also 1 package of daily need to I Wayan Kari family

The donor was escorted by BCC Volunteer; I Gede Widyatman and I Gede Yatha Wisnawa.

Following are our documentations.

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