Wayan Budiarta, poor family in Pajahan Village, Pupuan, Tabanan

Date of Visit : August 7, 2015

Name: I Wayan Budiarta (Male / 42 years)

Occupation: hodge

Address: Br. Tanah Sari, Pajahan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency.

Wife : Gusti Ayu Mayun Agustini (Female / 38 years)

Occupation: hodge

A phone number that can be contacted:

  • I Wayan Budiarta : 081916625169
  • Bp. IGK. Suarjana, Babinkamtibmas (NCO Police for the village) in Pajahan village : 081338767076

Description: poor families

If you willing to donate regularly to him, we will set up a bank account in the name of him, so you can transfer directly.


I Wayan Budiarta and his wife living with their children :

  1. Ni Putu Santika Dewi (Girl / 15 years/First Grade in Senior High School); lives with his uncle and his uncle financed her school.
  2. I Made Agus Santa Wira Adnyana (Boy/ 11 years / 5 th grade in Elementary School)
  3. I Nyoman Riski Bayu Sentanu (Boy / 8 years/ grade 2 in Elementary School)
  4. I Ketut Riska Uliantara (Boy / 4 years /Kindergarden)

Instead living with their children, the parents of him also live with them.

I Wayan Budiarta and his wife work as hodge ; for cloves plantation, coffee plantation and another plantation. They get paid Rp. 60.000,- per person per day, in a month of regular season they can work 5-6 days, whereas during the harvest season they can work up to 10 days a month.

The location of his house in the middle of the farm, the condition of his house with soil floor, bricks wall, roof of tile, all wood in the building had rotted, the walls in the back of the bedroom are collapsed. There are 2 bedrooms; 1 room for parents, 1 room for Wayan, his wife and 3 children, no electricity, no water.

Your donation to Wayan Budiarta family can be groceries stuff, or money to buy the groceries or for school fees of the children, or grants for repair the house.

Here are some of the documentation taken by us.

Side of the house
Side of the house
Back the house was broken
Broken house
Bedroom was broken
Broken bedroom
Parents bed
Parents bedroom

Address: Br. Tanah Sari, Pajahan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency.
Coordinates: 8°19’57.4″S 114°59’25.0″E (View on Google Maps)

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