Wayan Oka Yana, self struggle taking care his immobile father

Date of visit: 29th May 2015

Name: I Wayan Oka Yana (M/31 yo)

Occupation: Hand craftman

Address: Br. Mantring, Tampaksiring village, Tampaksiring district, Gianyar regency.

Father’s name: I Ketut Nuraka or Pak Menur (M 65 yo), immobile for 30 years

Contact number: 081934328875 (his neighbor number Nyoman Suartini)

Description: Poor family and ill

Bank Account: Bank BPD Bali, No.: 052 02.02.11130-1, Beneficiary: I Wayan Oka Yana


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Update on January 24th, 2016; Ketut Nuraka (his father) had died


Wayan Oka Yana (M, 31 yo) do not have any relative, his mother died 15 years ago. His father, Ketut Nuraka (M, 65 yo) have been 30 years immobile and illness since Wayan born. Wayan must struggle by his own for living and taking care his father that only able to sit (with assistance) and sleep. For eat, take a bath, loosen bowel and pee, and other activities, Wayan need to assist. Therefore, Wayan need to work at home meanwhile take care his father.

Wayan did not pass the elementary school, and he only able to make hand craft, which only by job order not regular basis. For a month,in average he work only 10-20 days and have income 200-600 thousand Rupiahs. Those income should meet their both living, “If less, I owned to my boss”, he said.

House condition : ceramic floor with batako wall, perch wood supporting beam already decayed and aslant, also decayed door and window. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 room for Wayan and 1 room for his father. But many nights Wayan must sleep with his father, as in the middle of the night, his father need to take a pee.

Your contribution to this family can be daily living need or funds to buy food stock and funds to repair their house and perch.

Below we provide several documentation of the visit.

Wayan Okayana
Wayan Oka Yana
Father Room
Father’s Room
Wayan Room
Wayan’s Room
Making Handycrafts
Making Handycrafts

Address: Br. Mantring, Tampaksiring village, Tampaksiring district, Gianyar regency.

Coordinates: 8°25’31.1″S 115°18’28.5″E (View on Google Maps)

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