Wayan Sudri, Poor Elderly Living with His Niece who has Mental Sickness

Category: Poor Elderly

Visitation Date : 18 March 2016

Name : I Wayan Sudri (Male/ 86 years old)

Job : unable to work

Address : Br. Baler Pasar, Rendang Village, Rendang, Karangasem

Niece Name : Ni Wayan Tegteg (Female/ around 50 years old), has mental sickness

Job : Beggar

Contact Detail :

  • +6282147619029, Bp. I Wayan Simpen (The Village Head of Baler Pasar)
  • +6285738867786, I Wayan Suparta (Neighbour)
  • +6281805408424, I Komang Arga (Neighbour)

Additional Information: This family is poor elderly with mental sickness family member.

Bank Account: Bank BRI unit Menanga, No.: 4610-01-011051-53-6, Beneficiary: I Wayan Sudri

Regular Donors:

  1. IPW, 100.000 Rupiah per month starting April 2016 until August 2019
  2. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular donor.

Update on June 10, 2016; Wayan Sudri received mattress and pillow donation.

Update on January 17th, 2018; we get an information that Wayan Sudri already received housing assistance.

Update on April 4th 2018; housing assistance photos.

Update on August 10th, 2019; I Wayan Sudri is passed away.

Update on September 18th, 2019; Ni Wayan Tegteg is also passed away.


I Wayan Sudri is now unable to work due to his old age (approx 86 years of age) His wife passed away. They had a child that had already passed away. He lives with his niece, Ni Wayan Tegteg who suffers mental sickness.

This family lives from others. His niece is a beggar and they depend on their grandson, I Wayan Muliarta (Poor family) for food. He lives next to I Wayan Sudri.

I Wayan Sudri’s house is located in the middle of the rice field, far enough from the main street. It takes around 30 minutes walking or faster by riding motorbike.

The house condition is dirt floor, traditional bamboo wall, some parts of the wall have already broken, simple roof, has only 1 room for sleeping and cooking. There is a bed with a mattress from social community and a bed without mattress.

Your support of this family could be by sponsorship so that they may purchase daily needs, a mattress, or cash support for house renovation.

The followings are the documentations.

Wayan Sudri
Wayan Sudri
Wayan Tegteg
Wayan Tegteg

Below please find a video documentation which we took on March 18, 2016.

Address : Br. Baler Pasar, Rendang Village, Rendang, Karangasem
Coordinates: 8°26’50.6″S 115°25’49.0″E (View on Google Maps)

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