A visit to 46 poor citizens at Sebudi Village, Selat District, Karangasem

On Friday, 22 January 2016, we held a visit to 46 Poor Citizen (Mostly the elderly) from 2 Banjar (Br.); Br. Sogra and Br. Sebudi, both are in the area of Sebudi Village, Selat District, Karangasem. This visit aimed to distribute daily need packages from Komunitas Insan Peduli (KIP).

Differ from our previous post on 11 December 2015 regarding to the event of Charity Dinner “We Dance – We Care – We Share” from Komunitas Insan Peduli (KIP), held at New Kuta Hotel, Pecatu, Bali.

This event was held on Village Credit Institution (LPD-Lembaga Pekreditan Desa). We distributed 46 daily need packages to 46 poor citizens. Each of them received the total IDR 175,000, consisting of:

  • 10 kg rice
  • 20 pcs instant noodle
  • 1 liter cooking oil
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 0.5 kg coffee
  • 1 package for washing/bathing
  • 1 package used cloth for adult
  • 1 package used cloth for kid

There were also:

  • The Head of Br. Dinas Sogra, I Nyoman Muliarta (Mr.-085333443020)
  • Komunitas Insan Peduli (KIP) represented by Samuel Hartono, Rainata Tjoa, and Andri
  • BCC Volunteer represented by Fedy Romamti and Vinna Moeljo

The following list are the poor citizens receiving a daily need package:

  1. Ni Made Sumindri
  2. Jro Mangku Tegteg I Ketut
  3. I Made Gejer
  4. I Ketut Rugeg
  5. Ni Wayan Jro Mangku Megeg
  6. Kardi
  7. Marbi
  8. Jro Mangku Susila
  9. Sudia Made
  10. Ni Wayan Suparma
  11. I Nyoman Seken
  12. I Wayan Sarmi
  13. Ni Mangku Sari
  14. I Nyoman Warti
  15. I Nyoman Gopong
  16. I Nengah Suladra
  17. Ni Wayan Tegteg
  18. I Wayan Mangku Turut
  19. Ni Nengah Renia
  20. I Wayan Jati
  21. Ni Ketut Nasa
  22. Ni Mangku Rsi
  23. I Wayan Nurima
  24. Ni Nyoman Merta
  25. I Made Geden
  26. I Nyoman Mangku Merta
  27. Ni Mangku Mudita
  28. Ni Wayan Lanus
  29. Jro Mangku Pageh
  30. I Ketut Suparmita
  31. Ni Mangku Riksa
  32. Ni Mangku Dangin
  33. I Wayan Suarsana
  34. I Mangku Ketut Merta
  35. I Ketut Naruk
  36. I Nengah Saba
  37. I Wayan Wenten
  38. I Nyoman Geden
  39. I Nengah Gedur
  40. I Nyoman Punia
  41. I Ketut Landep
  42. I Ketut Purnayasa
  43. I Wayan Widia
  44. I Wayan Dayuh
  45. Ni Wayan Duduk
  46. I Ketut Sebel

Below are our documentation

People gathered
People gather
Welcome speech
Welcome speech
Group photo
Photo together
Group photo
Photo together
Head village
Village chief

In this opportunity, we also distributed donation IDR 250,000 from Dewi Karmawan (Mrs.) to Ni Nengah Renia, elderly woman who lives with her retarded child at Br. Dinas Sogra.

Below is the documentation.

Ni Nengah Renia

Video documentation we took on Januari 22, 2016.

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