A Visit to Karangasem

On June 6, 2014, we visited several poor families at Karangasem Regency. First, we went to the hause of I Ketut Kuat at Br. Bau Kaler, Nawa Kerti village to deliver basic needs assistance package from BCC’s donor, Ibu Lina Angkasa. Unfortunately, he had passed away.

Then we went to Br. Kebon, Kerta Mandala Village, Abang Regency. We met the head of Banjar Dinas Kebon; Bapak Ketut Parwata and were accompanied to visit 4 toddlers suffering from malnutrition. They are:

  1. Nyoman Darmayasa (Male)
    Age: 6 years 3 months
    Weight: 10 kg
    Condition: unirary tract disfunction, he could sit but couldn’t walk – should be helped to walk, couldn’t speak clearly.
    Father: I Nyoman Dapet
    Mpther: Ni Nyoman Kaler
    Occupations: menial worker; construction worker, bearer
  2. Putu Arin Triasmita (Female) age: 6 years and her brother
    Nyoman Jioti Purika (Male) age: 1 year, weight: 7,6 kg
    Father: Putu Artawan, gas station employee
    Mother: Ni Nengah Puspa, housemaid
  3. Gede Suartika (Male)
    Age: 14 months
    Weight: 7 kg
    Condition: often sick – he had convulsion twice in a month, caused by high fever.
    Father: I Ketut Suartama; menial worker
    Mother: Ni Made Suartini; canang and banten (Balinese offerings) maker

Next, we visited the family of Nengah Kerti who lived with his paralyzed wife and two mentally-retarded children. They lived on the hill of Tiyingtali village – Abang. Due to their poor life, we created a specific profile for this family, here.

Here’s the documentations taken:

1 Nyoman Darmayasa_s
Nyoman Darmayasa
2 Putu Arin_s
Putu Arin
3 Arin & Jioti_s
Arin & Jioti
4 Gede Suartika_s
Gede Suartika
5 Kadus Br. Kebon_s
Head of Dusun Br. Kebon
6 Nengah Kerti_s
Nengah Kerti

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  1. Admin says:

    @Marja de Jong. Thanks so much for your help and feedback Ibu Maria, you’re very kind. Thank you.

  2. Marja de Jong says:

    Yesterday Wayan Tirta and I visited the children in Kerta Mandala.
    Arik is healthy now and she is in class 3 SD.
    Her little brother is also ok.
    Gede Suartika is healthy now, no problems anymore.
    Nyoman Darmayasa has a serious mental handicap, he can walk, not talk. But he is healthy.
    We just gave the family 400.000 to buy pampers for him.
    The other families we gave 400.000 to buy milk for the children. But they do not really need much help anymore.

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